Welcome to Boyopedia!

Welcome to Boyopedia!

Boyopedia is a fan wiki for storing the literal assloads of information related to the now rising in popularity series, Boyochat, created by Daddy and friends!

Boyochat is a multi-part series where Daddy and their comrades go on adventures to start discourse, prevent discourse, observe discourse, and pretty much only care about the well being of their friends. Characters in Boyochat fight with mysterious beings known as OCs, strange powers known as Kinks, and oddball weapons known as Shitposts. Every part of Boyochat is like it's own mini-story, with a unique group of protagonists, antagonists, side-characters, OCs, Kinks, Shitposts, favorite color and shoe size.

For more in-depth and factual information on the overarching plots and the individual plots of part, visit the PLOT page

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